A Little News

November 11, 2023
sprout lid baskets rattan seagrass

A New Addition to the Website

Long ago when blogging was the social media of the day I used to sit down with a coffee and muse about my current projects and gardening. I met many wonderful people via the blog world and most particularly some fantastic basket weavers. It is an amazing thing to be able to connect with other folks with the same passions and I really appreciated their abundance of knowledge and willingness to share. Many of these same artisans have moved on to new platforms and projects and I still love to catch up on their latest creative output. So here I am with good intentions to post some of my news from my latest projects. I know I will not be able to resist adding some tidbits about gardening and just being out in the wild here on Cape Breton Island.

If you are curious about the old blogging bits you can still see what I got up to here ...

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